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Guests who have been invited by current ATL members are welcome to attend one event as visiting non-members. An application to become a full member may then be offered.

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Member Directory

If you are a member, you may download a copy of the ATL membership directory, and you are respectfully requested NOT to share member information with others without the consent of the person(s) in the directory.  Please do not use this information to send a group mailing for business or solicitation purposes.  It is designed to help us all connect and support one another.

Please click the following link to download the directory in PDF form:      

ATL Midwest Directory, Spring 2009

Note that there is a password needed to open this PDF, which you can request by email if you do not already have it, by using the Contact Us page

A brand new 2016-2017 updated directory is in the works. Please do your part to stay connected and support your fellow transformational leaders by taking the time to fill out the new directory form here online.  Just click the “Member Directory Form” button below.

Directory graphic