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Membership News

Update on membership, September, 2016:

The previous model for membership was based upon current members inviting others whom they identified as transformational leaders to come to a meeting as a guest. Many were then invited to be members, which required an annual membership of $160 to cover costs of our two yearly events.  Since we are continuing to grow, a new method for inviting potential members has been created to allow our membership to truly reflect our vision and mission.

We will still rely on our current members to identify and invite those they see as transformational leaders to join us. What has changed is the way we structure membership dues and event costs, along with a way for new people to attend first as guests, then to be invited to apply for membership. As long as the person is a good fit for our mission and values, then membership will be offered. This is meant to help us build a community of truly like-minded people doing transformational work in the world, willing to encourage and support one another in authentic and heart-centered ways.

**IMPORTANT — Invitation must be made from a current member; if you have found this web page on your own, and are interested in attending as an invited guest, please email us from the Contact Us page.  Please do not send any payments – thank you!

Membership Benefits:

  • Participation in Spring and Fall Events (non-member guests may attend one event, then need to be invited and accepted into membership to continue to attend)
  • Receive discounts on seminars, workshops, products, and services from participating members
  • Occasional Bonus Gifts from members of the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC) including videos, books, and recordings
  • Members Only area on website and a Private Facebook Group, which are currently being developed.  Here we plan to provide highlights of meeting content, audio recordings when possible, and a place to connect and continue the conversation online.  This will also be a home for links to those members’ websites who choose to participate in offering member discounts on their products, seminars or services to other members.
  • Digital copy of our most recent Membership Directory (updated one in process now)
  • Opportunity to be invited to be a presenter at one of our events
  • Occasional Special Events, such as garden parties, fireside fun, live music, picnics, and connecting with presenters and other transformational leaders when they visit Minneapolis*

*such as the evening get-together in the Fall of 2015 with Transformational Leadership Council member, Mark McKergow, who presented on his latest book, Leaders as Host. It was SO amazing to be able to share ideas and conversation in such a relaxed and intimate setting.  We’re planning another get-together with one of our October 2016 presenters – stay tuned!


Annual Membership Dues & Information – Changes for 2016!

Once your membership application has been approved, and you have been invited to become a member, your First-year membership dues will be $45. Your membership dues renew annually.

In addition, there is a cost for each event, which is paid when that event registration opens (October 2016 event will be $75 for early bird; $85 after that, for example).

For current members in Fall 2016, the membership is payable in September or when you register for the October 13, 2016 event. To simplify record-keeping from this point on, annual memberships will renew in September even if you are not attending the Fall (October) event.

If a current member decides not to renew, he or she will not be able to attend another event, and would need to re-apply and be accepted for membership again in order to become a member in good standing.

Need to miss a meeting? No worries! Your paid annual membership of $45 keeps you a member in good standing.  You only register and pay for the events you attend.

To accept your invitation to become an  Annual Member of the ATL Midwest, or to renew your current membership, please click the Buy Now button below, and you will be taken to a secure shopping cart to pay via PayPal or with a credit card.

We really appreciate your commitment of time, money, energy and talent, and look forward to supporting you as a conscious leader working to create a world that works for everyone.

If you are already a Founding or Annual Member, we want to thank you for your patience as we deliver on providing the promised benefits to all of you!  As you may know, all of the website work, managing the email database, creating and compiling the Member Directory as well as setting up and and running our events is all done by volunteers.

We really do care about doing what we say we will do, and rest assured, we are doing all that we can to facilitate the best possible experience for you as soon as possible.

Association of Transformational Leaders Midwest

The Association of Transformational Leaders (ATL) is a forum for individuals of significant influence in artistic, academic, social, political, corporate, and humanitarian endeavors, devoted to doing transformational work in their respective fields. Our purpose is to connect with like-minded people, to initiate and sustain on-going dialogue and education that enhances our transformational leadership capabilities and supports us in serving humanity. We envision creating a world that works for everyone; one world that is socially just, environmentally and economically sustainable, and spiritually fulfilling.

Transformational leaders interested in up-leveling their work, have an opportunity to stay engaged in high-level information and processes while networking with other leaders who have made significant contributions in the world. ATL is open to high-functioning individuals that have been identified by their peers as having a history of facilitating transformation in their fields. Attendance is by invitation only.

To Renew Your Annual Membership, please use the PayPal button below. ($45)